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Not Deer Magazine is an online arts and literature magazine specializing in horror and surrealism from marginalized creators. We love work that makes us afraid to whistle after dark. We hope you do as well.  

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"You’re in a car at night, in a rural, heavily wooded area, and probably a bit lost. It’s not wildly uncommon to see an opossum crossing the road, see blips of little animals with your headlights. You see a deer. So you/your friends go “Oh! Deer!” and slow down in case it leaps in front of you. 

Then you see it more clearly. There’s just something wrong about it. There’s something about its eyes. You feel your stomach get heavy like a rock, the hair on your neck raise. You sense intelligence that you shouldn’t. It doesn’t move like a deer, it moves like a… oh god, what is that thing? Whatever that thing is, it’s not a deer and we need to leave."

- will-of-the-witch


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"The Wild Dark"
a novel by Katherine Silva

Maine Author Releases Forest Horror Novel


Readers and outdoor enthusiasts alike will be enamored with the latest release from mid-coast Maine author, Katherine Silva.


"The Wild Dark", a supernatural horror novel, follows the story of ex-cop, Elizabeth Raleigh, as she traverses the New England wilderness during an apocalyptic event with the ghost of her dead partner by her side. Liz must overcome grief, desolation, and terror as she finds herself up against other survivors, giant murder wolves, and a slowly spreading forest realm that heralds an ominous horror.


Silva has worked for over 14 years in Maine's outdoor retail industry, having outfitted hundreds of customers for their various wild adventures. She says she's excited to finally use that knowledge to tell a compelling, character-driven story that will draw on her love of the outdoors as well as chill readers to the bone.


"The Wild Dark" is due to release October 12th, just in time for the spooky season. Find out more at

Foggy Forest


In the Woods Somewhere

Congratulations to our three winners, Jack Bedell, Issy M. Flynn, and Elaine Doeer! Their haunting work can be found on our Content page

Foggy Forest

The Best Of Not Deer Anthology


At the end of the year, we're planning on releasing a print collection with the works we think best distill our theme and represent our vision.

Image by Will Swann

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