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Beware, Elaine Doerr

I raise the dead I cut the strings on my puppet-arms and legs I stitch new eyes into yours I make you walk and talk and cry like a real man

I'm the price you never wanted I'm the victory they spin cautionary tales around

I'm what drains you while you drink I'm the ghost in you in me

I'm the genie wish you'll curse on your deathbed

I'm the artifact no-one you warned about I'm the burden of your birth I'm the thing outside your window

Let me in and I'll show you the horrors in your head Let me in and I'll show you real teeth Let me hold you like no-one will hold you before or after

Let me hold you until nothing remains to be held


Elaine Doerr grew up near Frankfurt, Germany and has studied Creative Writing, Philosophy and Politics in Gießen and London. When its comes to literature, prose and poetry, she has a passion for introspection, surrealism and everything weird or eerie.

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