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Dyke Mermaind with Unicorn Fish, Ayshe-Mira Yashin


Ayshe-Mira Yashin is an 18-year-old lesbian artist and poetess from Istanbul, Turkey, and Nicosia, Cyprus. She is currently based in Cambridge, England, and is a prospective UAL Camberwell art foundation student. Her poetry and art focus on themes of sapphic intimacy, healing and spirituality, with large ties to the occult. She is currently working on her illustrated poetry zine, to be published by Zines and Things, and is also completing her 78-card Tarot deck. She independently runs the Illustration Witch Shop ( where she sells handmade bookmarks, necklaces, stickers, zines, art prints, handmade notebooks, and her major arcana Sapphic Enchantress tarot deck. Follow her on Instagram @illustrationwitch to stay in tune with her art and poetry!

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