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For You, Jessica Drake-Thomas

I opened my mouth

to birth moths

for you,

wings on my lips

for you,

exhaled for you,

dandelioned my desire

for you,

I hexed myself


for you,

I possessed my body

for you,

like a demon

for you,

I twisted & contorted myself

for you,

consumed my own flesh

for you,

I vomited god

for you,

immured myself

for you,

in a basement floor

for you,

enshrined my corpse

for you,

like a jeweled saint

for you,

boiled my bones clean

for you,

choked on dust

for you,

walked the poison path

in pursuit

of you,

too many times

for you—

you’re not

honest or true,

despite all I’ve done,

do not


for you.


Jessica Drake-Thomas is a poet & fiction-writer. She's the author of "Burials", a gothic horror poetry collection. She's a poetry editor at Coffin Bell Journal. She's a witchy-type who loves her magic like her coffee: dark, with sugar.

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