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Goddess, Ariel Moniz

You once waxed fat with hallowed prophecies,

have you grown weary from the search and blasphemy?

If I had known the taste of God, and the terrible stain

I never would have whispered his name.

If I had known it was you there in the night

I would have kept the doors unlocked and doused the lights.

You are everything I have dreamed of and yet

I ache to know of you there waiting past the gates.

How do I say welcome in a tongue lost

to sand dunes and a hundred thousand years?

All night I have wondered, and if it’s all the same to you

and your mammoth-mouth full of midmorning dew

I will lie myself down right here, at the altar of myself

swollen in the places between my past and my doom

open as a bleeding wound waiting for a bandage,

rising to meet you in holy silence.


Ariel K. Moniz is a lifelong writer and voracious reader. Her work can be found in Blood Bath Literary Zine, The Raven Review, Pussy Magic, and Vamp Cat Magazine, among others. She is currently writing her first novel and poetry collection. You can visit her at

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