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I Don't Want a Healthy Relationship, Alexandra Grunberg

If you want to steal my heart

you must keep it in a reliquary

because there is nothing accessible

about my denomination of love

I’ve never had my health

so toast my feast day instead

and swallow back your bile

Maybe we’ll both be saved

from that pedestrian love

catcalls and texting accidents

Vehicular manslaughter

is neither cute nor meet-cute

A broken serving plate presented

as the consummate treasure chest

more withholding than beholding

licked clean in my permissive absence

We could destroy each other

I’m curious and you’re there

but my heart is in your teeth

like date night popcorn kernels


Alexandra Grunberg is a Glasgow based poet, author, artist, and screenwriter. Her poetry has appeared in Collective Realms, Crow & Cross Keys, and Nymphs. She enjoys obsessing over fictional supernatural villains, hillwalking to isolated locations, and towns that are more character than setting.

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