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I Was Born With a Noose Around My Neck, Elaine Doerr

I was born with a noose around my neck

Born with a heretic sitting between my teeth

Entered the world with one foot in the grave

One eye Cassandra's, the other carved out

I was born tasting rot with each breath

Born with ashes clogging up my lungs

I grew and grew, each mile a step down

Apostate's smile, lightening this dark decent

I was born with a siren's song for ears

Never let astray but on a path already crooked

Paved my road without a single good intention

I've built this house on wickedness alone

I was born a maggot under maggot

Blind from the start, falling backwards in time

When they gave me back my infant smile, I merely laughed

Finally, free, free now of always heading underground


Elaine Doerr grew up near Frankfurt, Germany and has studied Creative Writing, Philosophy and Politics in Gießen and London. When its comes to literature, prose and poetry, she has a passion for introspection, surrealism and everything weird or eerie.

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