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Rotting, Blooming, Slowly Sinking, Elaine Doerr

CW: violence

Your reproachful stare, now forever engraved

In the lines of your pretty face, such a waste

There was no need to raise your timid voice

It didn't suit you, all that senseless pleading

When I catch your half-lidded bedroom eyes I almost regret not kissing you sooner But why do your open arms beckon me now

When all you had before was pitiful dismissal?

I'll bury you in dying flowers Maybe the lillies will pierce your skin Grow slowly, steadily and weave around your bones

You don't need thorns to make someone bleed

How I adore your paper thin skin, still streams shining through

Your face softly swelling as if shyly laughing I so dread to let you go, jealous of the creatures at the bottom

Might keep you here for just a moment more

But if you're Orpheus, I'm Eurydice Why couldn't you just do as you're told? Now you'll float downstream and leave me alone to regret Soon you'll forget my face, your name, glide into the aimless blue


Elaine Doerr grew up near Frankfurt, Germany and has studied Creative Writing, Philosophy and Politics in Gießen and London. When its comes to literature, prose and poetry, she has a passion for introspection, surrealism and everything weird or eerie.

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