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Saint of Alleyways and Railroad Tracks, Evelyn Bauer

give thanks to metal that smells like the blood it took to build

give thanks to layered brick

give thanks to eternity and the feeling of movement

give thanks to the saint of alleyways and railroad tracks

bless this twisted metal and carved stone

bless the eternal rumbling

bless the abandoned couch

everything can come together here everything can meet

if it is dark enough safe enough these places are holy

but only at certain times of day or in certain light

or in the right place but it is always possible to tell

it is always possible to feel holiness here

it may feel like something above

it may feel like something around

it may have the texture of rough stone

it may come to you after the screeching stops

trains bring messages through tight corridors

interlocking through city and country

thin avenues that say a mother still loves

thin avenues that say a father has died again

it is always here and at this time

it feels like there is no time

like this is all there is and this is holy and it is ok to be here

and it is ok to run forever until the city lights are out of sight

and the dirt beneath transforms to steel and wood and rock

and it is holy and the divine is with you


Evelyn Bauer is a writer, bookseller, and wine punk living on stolen land in so called 'New England.' She is often found reviewing books, petting cats, and listening to experimental music. She would love to give you a natural wine recommendation and discuss queer liberatory literature with you! You can find some of her tabletop roleplaying games at and find her on twitter at @neo_cubist

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