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still a kind of encounter, Öykü Akın

I hear father weep from where he sleeps

dug out from where his body fell limp mid-prayer

the only way to live on is to let yourself be devoured

I lost my golden bracelet in the ocean once

as father watched the birds migrate from the shore

and imagined it in the belly of a whale become poison

today, I’ll take my car and drive to that cliffside

catch up to the past that lures us in with nostalgia

and drink up the gasoline as if it’s my lifeline

if you stand on the edge with me, blame it on the human condition

and make this the last metaphor for your next step forward

only in the waters that boil does death remain eternal

father lays awake each night and climbs out of the soil

in the cover of the dark to wear his costume of soul and flesh

and wanders the halls until I too wither away


Öykü Akın is an undergraduate student in Boğaziçi University and an emerging bilingual writer residing in Istanbul. She can be found writing micro fiction and poetry or working on her fantasy novel.

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