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Swollen, Mackenzie Wiebe

CW: body horror

This new goat is the talk of the town burnt arms

spindle out of his back to tap at the air. He says

he reveals mysteries & is looking for love but

each date disappears as his belly grows. Still

we line up to find what he might give.

Beady eye of a slow digger his blunted

spoon fingers. Secrets in his eyes & whos, but

I must admit they tempt—to join an oracle

to dive into the warm grip of a gut.

If it wasn’t for the twitch of his sinister limbs &

more sprouting & how they rise


Mackenzie Wiebe is a queer poet, writer, and editor from Edmonton, Alberta in the first year of the MFA at the University of Guelph. They’re interested in the surreal and dreamlike possibilities of poetry and recently released a chapbook with Armistice Press called Wandering Teeth.

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