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Treading On Ashen Glass, Alex Shenstone

Glass is like diamonds in a world with no sun.

Value determined by beauty.

Beauty determined by eye.

The eye craving something more than ash, lashing at its lashes.

Pupils eager to swell.

Cinders on windows.

Our world is blacked out.

All the people blind.

Scrabbling with sliced fingers for the slightest fragments.

Going through pains to scrub at mansion panes.

The world is built simple.

Black cinders for shadow.

White ash for light.

That is all.

We scrabble for a spark in the kindling of the land.

All of us.

Even though we know the spark is only meant for one.

The one to whom the glass will mould itself.

Fitting snug about her skin,

rather than shredding it into wounds that grin.

But we still try to make ourselves fit.

We slice and dice ourselves to size.

We think we can trick the glass, change its mind.

As if it ever would.

Only she could fit into moulded diamonds.

We all wait for the day when she walks.

She has done before.

But this time her steps will break the cindered sky,

And bring colour to our mortal eyes.


Alex Shenstone is a trans UK university student with an inclination towards darker interpretations, and enjoys spending time contemplating darker perspectives, and reimagining classic stories. He also has poetry appearing in The Global Youth Review, and set to appear with Ghost Orchid Press. He can be found on Twitter at @AlexakaSatan.

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