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Frozen Forest

"The Wild Dark"

a novel by Katherine Silva

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Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Raleigh has lost everything: her job as a police detective, her partner, her fiancé, and her peace of mind. After a month of solitude at a cabin in the woods, she finally feels as though she’s ready to move on.


But in one terrifying night, everything changes. Liz's partner, Brody, appears in the form of a ghost. He's one of millions that have returned to haunt their loved ones. Brody can't remember how he died and Liz is determined to keep the secret of it buried, for it means dredging up crushing memories. Along with him comes an unearthly forest purgatory that swallows up every sign of human civilization across the world. The woods are fraught with disturbing architecture and monstrous wolves hungry for human souls. Brody says he escaped from them and that the wolves are trying to drag him and others ghosts back.


As winter closes in and chaos erupts across New England, Liz fights desolation, resurfacing guilt, and absolute terror as she tries to survive one of the most brutal winters she's ever seen.

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Katherine Silva is a Maine author of dark fiction, a connoisseur of coffee, and victim of cat shenanigans. She is a two-time Maine Literary Award finalist for speculative fiction and a member of the Horror Writers of Maine, the New England Speculative Writers, and New England Horror Writers Association. Katherine is also a founder of Dark Taiga Creative Writing Consultations and is founder of The Kat at Night Blog. Her latest book, The Wild Dark, a supernatural horror novel, is due out in fall of 2021.




Q & A with Katherine Silva


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What is "The Wild Dark" about? The Wild Dark is a story about love and death, loyalty, spirituality, and choices. The protagonist, Liz, is an ex-police officer who witnessed her best friend and partner of ten years get killed on the job. She's a loner by nature which has sent her into the White Mountains of NH for solitude and reflection. With the background of this unearthly forest purgatory apocalyptically taking over the world, it's really a story about the love and friendship of these two people and how it's surviving beyond the grave. It's not only about surviving a harsh winter but it's also about surviving one's guilt and grief.


What drew you to the story? For me when I choose a story, it's always about the characters. I wanted to tell a story about two people so close that death can't even separate them. But it's also about showing those characters' personal growth, too, and their individuality in the midst of everything going on. I loved their relationship. And I'm a sucker for ghost stories.


How long did the book take you to write? I started writing the book in 2013. It's been a long labor of love.

Describe your writing process while working on the book. I am a morning person through and through. I like to get up early and just start cranking out words. I often do this with some atmospheric music in the background to set the mood and often with coffee somewhere nearby. Is this book part of a planned series? The story isn't over. I'm writing the sequel now. The setting for "The Wild Dark" takes place in New Hampshire and Maine.


How has living in Maine inspired your writing? New England is haunting and geographically gorgeous. It's mountainous and covered in dark woods and then nestled next to the hungry Atlantic ocean. The small-town quaintness of a lot of its corners is mixed with this deep history and comforting familiarity. The wilderness here is authentic and beautiful and kind of scary, too.


What was the most challenging part of writing this book? Keeping up the momentum to write it. Most of the reason it took so long to write is because of everyday life getting in the way. I work 35 hours a week, try to keep some semblance of a social life, and maintain an 1890 Cape house. There are times I wish I could just write for a living.


How did you come up with the title? The title was inspired by a video game made by Hinterland Games called "The Long Dark" which is about surviving after a plane crash in Alaska. The "wild" aspect was pulled from having the purgatory woods slowly overtaking the world.


What aspects of your own life helped inspire this book? For over 14 years, I've worked at an outdoor retail store supplying people on their adventures. I really wanted to delve into the survivalist aspect of the book with knowledge I've gleaned selling footwear and camping supplies for so long.

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