Submission Guidelines

All Submissions CLOSED Until 01/29/22

Please read guidelines thoroughly before submitting.

Any submissions blatantly not following guidelines will be rejected.

If your piece includes any sensitive material(blood, gore, violence, self harm, or sexual assault), include a Content Warning in the body of your email.

We offer expedited responses! Please check our Response Time & Publication section for details.

Trees Reflection in the Water


  • All submissions must be sent to 

  • We accept works of short and flash prose, poetry, and visual art that explore horror/horror sub-genres & surrealism. We are not currently accepting lit review, audio, or video but that may change.

  • Please only submit to ONE category at a time. 

  • All submissions must be in English so all editors are able to read each piece.

  • We accept previously published work, but we do require that you let us know where it was first published.

  • We do not edit submitted work. Please send us your most up-to-date version of your piece(s). Accepted work is subject to minor grammatical adjustments, but we don't want work that needs to be heavily edited.

  • Submissions are received on a rolling basis. Unless otherwise specified, we’re always taking new submissions.

  • We aren't currently able to pay our contributors as we're a new magazine, but we are hoping to in the future.

  • We take submissions from all creators but we especially encourage submissions by LGBT+, BIPOC, women, disabled, and neurodivergent creators. We strive to provide a platform for voices and perspectives that have not been heard before.

  • In your submission email, please include:

    • The form, your name, and the title or titles of your piece(s)

      • Ex. Submission / Prose, Fiction / Your Name / Submission Title

    • A brief bio that doesn't exceed 50 words. Tell us about yourself!

    • For written submissions, please attach files in .docx form. We will accept a PDF but only if it is in comic sans font. For multiple prose submissions, please attach each submission as its own file with the title clearly visible. 

    • Visual art should be submitted in .jpeg format with each file having the title of the piece. Please submit multiple pieces in separate files.


  • We love micro poetry, nothing is too short for us to read, but limit micro poetry submissions to 5 at a time.

  • For short (non-micro) poems, we accept up to 3 poems not exceeding 1 page each or 1 long poem not exceeding 3 pages total.

  • All poems should appear on their own page, in the same document, with clear titles. If you prefer not to title, we ask that you number them instead.



  • We accept digital art, photography, drawings or paintings, and photos of sculptures or installations.

  • Please send up to 5 submissions for individual pieces or up to 10 submissions for pieces in a series.

  • We do NOT accept art with excessive gore or depiction of violence/assault of any kind.

  • We will always try to give a response within 2 weeks of submission, but sometimes life can get in the way. If a piece you submitted has not received a response with a month, please email again to let us know about the delay. 

  • If you'd like to receive an expedited response, we charge $5 for a 48-hour response and $8 for a 24-hour response. Please send payments to our PayPal (just search us by our email with the message "For Expedited Response". Please send a screenshot of your receipt with your submission.

  • Publication, like submission, happens on a rolling basis, and accepted pieces will appear on our site within a week of confirmation.

  • Please wait a minimum of 1 month between submissions before submitting again.

Forest Landscape
  • What do we mean by prose? Our prose category includes fiction, nonfiction, or essay.

  • We have no minimum word requirement for any prose submission, but we do ask that you keep short prose under 2500 words. A few over is fine, but try to be gentle with us.

  • Flash prose is considered to be anything under 1000 words. Again, slightly over is fine but don’t get greedy.

  • Multiple submissions are great but please limit them to 3 at a time.

  • Please include word count and form (fiction, nonfiction, or essay) in the top left-hand corner of your piece.